Are you using industry-speak and saying things you don't believe?

Do you keep your excitement and passion in check?

What if you had the freedom to show up as who you really are?

The authentic you.

your authentic speaking styletm

Where you will find your true voice.

Your Authentic Speaking Style is Interact Studio's acclaimed in-person on-camera learning experience.

Find your voice, tell your stories and amplify your presence. The results go beyond individual development to include an increase in team trust and performance when taken as a team. Your Authentic Speaking Style is offered virtually or in-person at Interact Studio or your location. The program lasts 8 hours over two days with an attendance of at least 8 - 10 learners.

We are all shaped by the people, places, and experiences in our lives.

The average business person will make hundreds of presentations throughout a career, from reporting out at simple meetings to more formal presentations. People who have a below-average level of influence speak from the popular line of thought in the room, widely accepted facts, and the safest path of least resistance.

People with significant, natural influence speak not from the person they think they should be but from who they are. They share what their life has taught them. They are courageous enough to be transparent and vulnerable. They take the risk of saying something honest, and others notice. Authenticity is so rare we are drawn to it.

When you give a presentation or simply have a conversation, are you left with the uneasy feeling that you’ve wasted a shot to say something real?

Do you hear yourself say what everyone says?

The Interact Studio Team provides space for you to speak from who you are. We coach you by inviting you to do more of what is strong, unique, and natural.


When you’re at Interact Studio, you stand straighter, taller, and stronger. Lou and her team zero in on your best work and invite even more.
Lynne Ingersoll, xplore Leadership

The team at Interact Studio is able to draw out your authentic style and create breakthrough moments.
Beth Hernandez, Global Communications Leader at DPR Construction
The folks at Interact Studio do more than help you deliver better presentations. it’s transformative!
Helen Griffith, VP of Marketing at S&D Coffee & Tea

The journey starts within, by becoming aware of what is genuine in you ‐ and allowing it to connect with others.

When you are in your performance self, you speak from what is easy, safe, and redundant.

When you speak from your authentic self, you share your unique voice, which is how you engage us.

Learn to notice the difference.

Reach Out Today
Reach Out Today
Lou and her team have built a successful business but the return they seem to prize most profoundly is when a client is faced with a daunting challenge and, in simplest terms, “nails it.
Greg Efthimiou, Honeywell
If you attend a course at Interact Studio, be prepared to push yourself, to stand in your strengths and your greatness; and go beyond where you were when you walked in.
Charles Thomas, Program Director | James L. Knight Foundation
We all want to be re-energized in our passion and the way we express it. The Interact team has a unique talent for drawing us into our best, authentic selves, and they do it in such a non-threatening way.
Tina Postel, CEO | Loaves & Fishes

Feel good and sound great.

If you want to gain confidence as a speaker and become a more effective communicator, you need to tap into your innate charisma and find your sense of purpose and passion. We can help.

Light Up The Room

When it comes to speaking and presenting, we must decide how we are going to share ourselves with the world.  The question we must ask: 

Am I sharing an authentic and true message to who I am or am I sharing what I think people want to hear? 

This question determines whether or not we will seek to be genuine. Then you have a chance to build a style of speaking based on your natural strengths. 

During Your Authentic Speaking Style, you will learn to:

  1. Accentuate your natural qualities:
    Act how you want to be treated and let others see that in your speech and behavior.
  2. Be unique: 
    You should allow your quirks to be a part of your speaking style. People see your personality quirks as authentic, and it helps them see themselves in you.
  3. Find your style in your natural rhythms: 
    When you find your rhythm and match your own personal style, your enthusiasm is genuine and not fake.
  4. Say it for real:
    If you want to speak, present or perform like you are talking to friends in your living room, then ask yourself, “How would I say this?”  Then say it as if you were talking to a close friend.

  5. Give up trying to be perfect:
    In the beginning, you need to get rid of all your perfectionist tendencies. Speak from your heart.  Just be yourself. You’ll see that you don’t need to be perfect to communicate effectively.
Are you ready to meet your Authentic Self?