Why Hire a Communications Coach from Interact Studio?

By Lou Solomon

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Today’s leader is the face of the team, office, division, or entire organization. We all look to the leader for cues about performance, culture, and strategy. This is where great public speaking and presentation skills — and a communications coach who can guide you on your development journey to hone such skills — come in.

Smiling african manager communications coach speaking at diverse corporate group meeting, female black teacher team leader talking to office workers at training teaching employees explaining new idea, mentoringA leader who shows up as their best authentic self when giving a presentation can help motivate teammates, build an engaging culture, and attract stakeholders to buy into the company’s direction.

We all notice when someone shows up as themselves. We sense they have the distinction of genuine influence. We tell ourselves that the person has a natural gift.

But few of us invest the heart and grit it takes to uncover the power of our voice, whether it’s delivered to a large audience or six people sitting in a conference room. Most of us do not make the strong audience connection needed to inspire trust and action.

What’s at stake? A poor or mediocre presentation can mean the loss of promotions, potential clients, and the respect of teammates. You aren’t taken seriously. You won’t experience the satisfaction of nailing a great presentation. You are not invited back.

The Solution

Interact Studio can make a difference for you and your team — including the reluctant speaker who says, “I’m terrible at public speaking.”

Coaching can help them overcome their self-consciousness and learn strategies to create presentations that are valuable to listeners.

Hanging lightbulb with glowing Communications Coaching concept.

We might recommend that you attend Your Authentic Speaking Style at Interact Studio first. Participants learn the tools of successful presentations and practice in front of others. If you’re ready to dive a little deeper, we offer bespoke one-on-one training with a communications coach to take you to the next level.

As with any skill, you will get better with experience, and rather than learning over a long period of time, you will be ready to put the tools into action.

Why Choose Interact Studio?

Some of our most popular coaching areas include leadership presence, strategic planning, core messaging, storytelling, media prep, the start-up pitch, keynote prep, and conflict management tools. But what separates Interact Studio from other communication companies?

Who We Are.

We are passionate advocates of human communication. Our backgrounds include Broadcasting, PR, Organizational Development, Corporate Communications, and Town Hall Productions. At Interact Studio, our team cares deeply about how we communicate with the world.


Over the years, Interact Studio has been on the support team for leaders at a dozen Fortune 500 companies with lasting partnerships ranging from 10 to 20 years.

We have been there for C-Suite leaders at the beginning of the journey, marking milestones such as board-level presentations, earnings calls, town halls streamed across the global enterprise, media interviews, and live cut-ins on the stock market shows.


Finding your authentic voice does not involve coaching you to overcome your so-called weaknesses. It is about integrating your experience, point of view, stories, personality, and courage into your messages. We’ll equip you with the practice, tools, and proven formulas. Most importantly, we’ll give you the space to speak from who you are.

Unexpected Benefits of Communications Coaching

Communications coaching will significantly improve your presentation skills, but it is so much more than that.

Pitching New Business

For example, we can help you explore the art of pitching new business ideas. Good communication is essential if your business involves pitching or bidding for work. Your clients must be able to trust that you are someone reliable to work with, and getting communication wrong at this early stage risks not only losing the pitch but also missing out on any future business opportunities with the client and anyone they might have referred to you.

a communication coach can help you deliver a pitch to a room full of people as shown in in this photoWe suggest that you give clients a chance to feel what a collaborative relationship with you will be like. Instead of a one-sided monologue followed by a formal Q&A, create an experience that inspires clients to share their insights. The information does not build rapport. However, ideas, stories, and solutions are what will motivate people to join in the conversation.

To build support, talk to as many people on the other side of the table in advance as possible. Research their past projects. Dig into the issues that matter the most. This will help you ask intelligent questions that engage the decision-maker. It’s important to let them know you understand who they are.

Interact Studio will ensure your team is well-practiced in addressing their topics so they don’t have to think about the content and can focus more on connecting with the client. Warmth, eye contact, and earnest listening will build chemistry. There is no replacement for it.

Difficult Conversations

As you achieve greater success in your career, the likelihood of difficult conversations will increase, both with your team members and your clients. What if you’re receiving negative feedback, someone disagrees with your idea, or you have to be the bearer of bad news? This is where poor communication can really let us down.

When sharing feedback, working with a communications coach can help you find the balance between sharing crucial information without being too heavy-handed.

woman in black long sleeve shirt holding black ceramic mug having a one on one conversation If you need to get someone on your side, a communications coach can help you plan your conversation in a way that’s beneficial for both sides so that you can have those tricky discussions in a more productive way.

Difficult conversations are difficult for a reason, but ignoring them will not make them disappear. If these conversations are something that you (like many of us) dread, a communications coach could be greatly beneficial for you!

Increased Confidence

Overall, communications coaching offers both speaking skills and personal growth and development. Public speaking is one of the top fears in the world.

Facing that fear can lead to a deeper understanding of oneself and improve relationships. You can better express your thoughts and feelings, leading to stronger and more fulfilling connections with others.

How to Get Started with a Communications Coach

  1. We begin with a discovery meeting to learn about your goals. We want to understand where you are and where you want to go.
  2. Following the meeting, we will put together a plan of action. Your sign-off is the official beginning of the coaching engagement.
  3. We will work closely with you to help you understand your authentic style.

Are you ready?

Because it’s time, and the human connection has never been more critical.

The coaches at Interact Studio can partner with you to build a plan of action that will overcome obstacles to become your best, authentic self.


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