Your life is now

- John Mellencamp

What if you had the framework, expert guide and a safe place to practice and become your best authentic self?

That's what we do.

We don’t want you to settle for a reasonably good version of you.

We want you to have everything you need to be extraordinary. In 2000, Lou Solomon left her career in communications to launch a very different kind of company. Her own experience with shyness and self-doubt turned out to be a gift. She used it to design a framework and curriculum to support and inspire people to find their voice, tell their story and grow their influence.

Our movement is now two decades in the making.

Our framework has grown organically into leadership development, with innovative learning experiences in Authentic Speaking Style, Message Development, Storytelling, Strengths Coaching, Leadership Conversations, Presence and Interacting with the Media. We’ve worked with leaders and teams headquartered around the world. They are better with Interact on their team, and we are better for knowing and learning from them.

There is absolutely nothing they would rather do.

Our expert guides are a team of passionate industry experts who have honed the ability to draw out the style, stories and insights that make you unique and engaging.

Our safe place is Interact Studio. Virtually or in-person, you will experience the welcoming environment you need to stretch. Our physical location is the charming Grinnell Water Works Building, a restored factory on the historic corridor of Charlotte, North Carolina. But either way, we help you feel at home at Interact Studio.


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We are not here to teach you to “do it right". We are advocates for your greatness. We want you to be the communicator you were meant to be.