What Gets in the Way of Authentic Communication?

By Jackson Sveen

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We believe that the world would be improved if we brought authentic communication to our greatest problems.

To help people practice authenticity, we need to understand what gets in the way.  To that end we conduct research on the obstacles we’ve learned about from coaching individuals and teams for more than 15 years.

We invite you to explore the Interact Report Series:Vol1_Cover

Volume 1: A lack of communication leaving America’s virtual workers feeling disconnected

Interact’s core mission is to help people make the kind of meaningful, human connections that build trust and influence.

That mission seems a bit less daunting for people who can interact with one another face-to-face, but what about workers who must interact virtually?
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Vol2_CoverVolume 2:  Bosses demonstrate a striking lack of emotional intelligence

One of the common assumptions we make is that someone who is elevated to a position of leadership has reasonably good communication skills.  How else could they have gotten there?

Many of them were rewarded for their prowess with numbers and operations—not people. Along the way, they lacked the support of people who could have steered them toward more self-development for inclusive communication skills.

Still, we expect a leader to come with “batteries included,” or enough Emotional Intelligence to communicate appreciation to employees for the contribution of their talents. We were curious—what were the top concerns of employees regarding their leaders and the way their style of communication?
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Volume 3:  Too many leaders shrink from straight talk with employeesVol3_Cover

At Interact Studio, we’ve watched people from every walk of life light up when they receive real-time feedback and coaching. They take notes with enthusiasm. They double check for our meaning. They are hungry for all of it.

After two days with us at Interact Studio, many clients tell us they’ve received more feedback than they ever have in the workplace. They tell us they often operate in a bubble, not really knowing if they’re doing well or falling behind.

This made us curious. Just how much of a problem is this, really?

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As you strive to show up in your best way at work, what gets in the way?  We’d love to hear from you.  Help us identify the next Interact Report.