It is Valentine’s Day for the Interact Crew

By Susie Adams

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We can barely even image Valentine’s Day without those cute, but disgusting Necco Conversation hearts.  They aren’t available this year because the factory was closed after the company was sold in bankruptcy proceedings.

But in the spirit of the holiday and those adorable, funny sayings, I’m imagining what the personalized candy sayings for my work family would be…

On It

Tina Tyler, is a bundle of positive energy. Before we’ve finished asking for her help with something, she has completed the task, or at least it feels that way. She doesn’t know the word “no,” and she keeps our trains running on time. We can’t remember what our lives were like before her, but we know we were a collective hot mess.


Jess Baryla, is our social media maven and overall super cool person. I like to think when I stand near her, I become more InstaSavvy just from proximity (I don’t.) She creates magic with her phone. She captures the Interact Brand, and she inspires us to be as interesting as she makes us look. Plus, she doesn’t sweat when she dances (she is amazing.)

Ask Me

Andy Ciordia knows something about everything. Honest; I’ve tested him. He is a walking fountain of useful information about all things, especially technology, communications, literature, and chocolate. We’re sure he knows about a lot more, but these are our priorities, and he has them nailed. We’re so glad he oversees all of our technology needs.

Andy Ciordia

So Cool

Lou describes Patrick Sheehan as our “rock.” He is the calm in the storm. He’s the one we depend on. Pair that with his communications skill and a healthy dose of Irish charm, and he’s generally the most popular guy in the room. If you ever need to round out a foursome, Paddy is your guy.

Stay Sweet

Julie Haldane has been described as “the nicest person in America.” We aren’t sure that the title is official, but we are confident that it is accurate. She warms up any room and is the hostess with the mostess. She’s the coach you want when you are feeling down. Her positive energy is infectious. And she is a great cook.

Julie Haldane

Be My Friend

Michael Rogers collects friends like I collect coffee mugs. He is a deep and thoughtful listener with a genuine interest in all people. He hears things that the rest of us don’t hear. And if you travel with him, you may lose him to a conversation with the barista or Uber driver. And he’ll probably connect with that person on social media to stay in touch.

Gypsy Queen

Lou Solomon describes the Interact team as a band of gypsies. If that is true, she is our queen. We talk about “Lou Days.” A day spent with Lou is a day full of learning, challenge, inspiration, and joy. We love the opportunity to stand in her light. She is the leader that many hope to have; she sets the vision and high standards and lets us be us. It is a special kind of magic.

These people are my work Valentines; I’m so lucky. If you too are missing those goofy hearts, we suggest a stop at the “Heart Wall” at the Design Center. It is an excellent spot for a selfie, and no calories.

 “Special insert from Lou”

I saw this article in the process of being posted and couldn’t let author Susie Adams go without her place in the lineup.

Susie has a lightning dry wit and is the person in the room who is always observing and thinking strategically. Nothing gets by her. I mean nothing. A member of the adjunct faculty at Winthrop, she has a special love for teaching young people. She must rank in the top ten Clemson fans of the Carolinas, proudly displaying the sacred Tiger Paw on everything from the latest cool sweatshirt and coffee mug to a t-shirt for pup Murphy Adams.