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You can research a million papers, articles, and books on Presence. In our experience, there are five essential elements that make up the foundation of Presence.

1.) Body Language

People interpret poor posture and restless movement as a lack of confidence. Good posture gives you a more robust presence with others, and at the same time, it can trigger the testosterone in your system and help you feel bolder.

Move toward others purposefully instead of staying separate. The word intention comes from the Latin word meaning to stretch forward. You show up when you lean toward others, out of yourself, and into the moment.

2.) Warmth

Most leaders don’t realize that prioritizing warmth will give people an opportunity to trust them. Your teammates look for your humanity before your prowess in the field. A few nonverbal signals show you are pleased to be in your company. Smile, face us, and extend a friendly greeting.


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