Virtual & In-Person

How Are You Helping Your Team Thrive? At Interact Studio, we understand the challenges you are facing. We’ve built virtual and in-person solutions to help your team thrive in these times of constant change.

In-Person Learning

Your Authentic Speaking Style

Your Authentic Speaking Style™ is our acclaimed in-person on-camera learning experience. If you are like most of our clients you will have a breakthrough in confidence and self-awareness. You find your voice, tell your stories and demystify your personal presence.

When taken as a team, the results go beyond individual development to an increase in team trust and performance. Your Authentic Speaking Style™ is delivered at Interact Studio or onsite at your location. Typically it runs 8-10 hours over two (2) days, with an attendance of 8-10 learners.

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Provide your employees with meaningful development and you’ll see high performance and innovation.

Virtual Learning

Authenticity & Influence in Presentations

An engaging talk is so much more than information. Your listeners want ideas, stories, and solutions. Our virtual courses are fast-moving and filled with exercises, breakout sessions, videos, and practice with the tools.

You will learn practical formulas for knowing your audience, organizing your material, and pitching your ideas. You will also learn how to present effectively in the virtual environment. Typically this course runs 6 hours over two (2) days, with an attendance of 10-20 learners.

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I have taken advantage of the teaching at Interact Studio for myself and my team...the impact has been sustainable.
Swati Daji, CRO, Duke Energy

Virtual or In-Person Learning

Owning the Message

Too many presenters give their power away by presenting content as the middle person who is passing it along from the real source. Influence comes with the ownership of your material.

This course helps you meet the needs of your audience while being your best, authentic self. You will learn to take command of your message and speak from your experience, not your slides. Typically this course runs 6 hours over two (2) days, with an attendance of 10- 20 learners.

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I appreciate the focus on strengths and authenticity. Your work is so important to those of us who want to deliver meaningful messages and be heard!
Susannah Pedigo, Lendlease Construction, Americas.

Molly Grantham of WBTV tells her story to a group attending Interact Studio’s Motivational Morning. Photo credit: Jess Baryla.

In-Person Learning

Leadership Presence for Women

Leadership Presence for Women is a course for women who are interested in a meaningful conversation about presence, voice, and influence. The course is facilitated by Lou Solomon, the co-founder of TWIST, a leadership conference for women in its 10th year, produced by Queens University at Charlotte.

Content includes Leadership Presence, Handling Conflict, Storytelling, and Your Authentic Style. Pre-work includes the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI) to determine Your Conflict Handling Style. This course is delivered at Interact Studio or onsite at your location. Typically it runs 8-10 hours over two (2) days, with an attendance of 8-10 learners.

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Interact’s ability to manage through the pandemic and deliver a virtual program to 600 managers is admired. Fantastic work by the entire team!
Preston Gillespie, Chief Nuclear Officer at Duke Energy

Virtual or In-Person Learning

3-Hour Virtual Workshops

Interact Studio offers three dynamic virtual workshops to provide learners with insights and inspiration in 3-hour sessions:  LEAD, THRIVE, and CONNECT. These workshops are offered bi-annually to individuals, or you can schedule a private workshop tailored to your team. The ideal attendance is 12-20 learners.

  • LEAD: Discover Your Strengths & Authentic Leadership Style: Lead from your strengths, and show up as your best authentic self. Facilitated by Gallup-certified coach Susie Adams, LEAD is an energetic virtual workshop for leaders of people and projects. You will discover what you naturally do best, and learn how to develop your greatest talents into leadership strengths. The workshop includes the CliftonStrengths® Assessment with an optional private coaching session as a follow-up.

  • THRIVE:  Leading People Through Change with Empathy, Story, Strengths, and Connections: Great leaders know that now more than ever, employees are looking for genuine connections. This workshop is for those with teammates who need support through turbulent change. You will learn about the five phases human beings move through on the Hero’s Journey of Change and how to help them build resilience for the future.

  • CONNECT: How to Engage Virtual Audiences: Virtual platforms like Zoom and Teams are here to stay. To thrive, we must find ways to stand out. This workshop will help you understand how to communicate with clarity, creativity, and impact, even when you’re not in the room. Learn how to craft content that holds our attention and create moments of connection when presenting online.
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Virtually and in-person, we create memorable learning experiences for you, your team, and your organization.

We are in the customization business, so all of our training can be tailored to make it relevant and relatable to participants.