Authentic, simple, humble, regal, smart, giving, positive, and many more such words come to mind as I think of how I would describe Lou. I have taken advantage of Lou’s teaching and also used her services to expose others on my team to improve their “interaction” with all. We all walked away with a sense of understanding of what we needed to do individually that was lasting. That speaks to the impact she has had that is sustainable. I also see her giving her time and energy to women’s development, investing in uplifting them to greater heights by being involved in forums such as Twist. Lou is truly an impactful individual our community is blessed to have, and I am so glad our paths crossed and I got to know her as a teacher as well as a friend.

We all want to be re-energized in our passion and the way we express it. The Interact team has a unique talent for drawing us into our best, authentic selves, and they do it in such a non-threatening way.

Interact has worked with many of the senior leaders at Novant and helped them use their authentic voices. I’m personally glad to know Lou and her team.

With a focus on the things done right and video to allow the student to see what others are seeing, Lou Solomon has built a one-of-a-kind training center I will always recommend.

The folks at Interact Studio do more than help you deliver better presentations. It’s transformative!

For Classroom Central, our experience with Interact has been incredibly impactful personally, professionally, and to our social bottom line. The results have built new and strengthened existing partnerships with our community and those we serve!

Lou Solomon changed my life. No exaggeration. And I love her.

The team at Interact Studio is able to draw out your authentic style and create breakthrough moments.

When you’re at Interact Studio, you stand straighter, taller, and stronger. Lou and her team zero in on your best work and invite even more.

It has been a while since I took your course on authentic speaking, and it is still my favorite course. Your course opened a whole new dimension, previously unknown, opening my eyes to the “freedom” of being authentic. I have held onto that over the last 9 years. I wanted to share with you how much your course has shaped my approach to interacting with people and groups.

My biggest takeaway is increased confidence. I feel much more empowered to turn the anxiety adrenaline into what Lou termed “mojo”. You helped us all feel at ease early, which enabled us to more easily make a connection with our audience. I am literally excited about my next presentation instead of dreading its arrival. On a more personal note, I think it was obvious to everyone how emotionally invested and passionate you are about helping others. That’s a rare quality that I hope you cherish.

Highlights for me were the heightened awareness of the verbal and non-verbal things I do that I’ve never paid attention to as well as learning effective ways to tell a story.

Every interaction that I have had with Interact has led to breakthroughs in my thinking and in my behaviors. Lou Solomon and her team live their mantra of being “authentic”. There is always an element of fun in all they do – which makes time spent with them a joy.

My experience with Interact has been amazing! Each player on the Team has taken care of me during my Interact training sessions. I’ve followed Interact on social media as well and have attended a couple of their interactive sessions during 2020, each time having thoroughly enjoyed and gained value from it. I’ve given a number of big speeches since my public speaking training and each time I’ve been grateful for what Lou and Team taught me.

I have had the pleasure of working with the Interact team for several years and I would recommend them with enthusiasm. Lou and the team provide tremendous counsel to our executive team (of a Fortune 150 company) on both internal and external communication matters. Lou is a true professional and trusted partner.

The Interact program is transformative. I first got involved in order to prepare for large-scale speaking engagements. Thanks to Lou and her spirited team, I gained the tools, experience, and confidence needed to communicate authentically. I was able to find my voice, share stories, educate peers, and further my influence within the club industry. Over the past year, I have been impressed with how the Interact Studio team continues to deliver relevant content in a succinct and pungent way. With regular seminars (that begin and end on time), the team has not only provided strategies and coaching for current challenges but has effectively used their platform to build awareness of issues facing society today and advocate for change.

Interact studio is the best! Lou Solomon and her staff have been an integral part of my public speaking success. They share their wisdom and expertise with patience, knowledge, bluntness (tempered with diplomacy), and great effectiveness. Their technology also adds a helpful dimension to all training.

Rarely do I walk away from a full day of presenting and say, “I really enjoyed myself.” It speaks volumes about the atmosphere you create and the positive energy/reinforcement throughout the day. Your reputation is well deserved… top-notch.

Interact helped us develop our people to become better sellers, team members, and leaders through authentic communication. The experience we had with Lou Solomon and her team has had a lasting impact on our business.

My experience with Lou and the team doing “your authentic speaking style” was extremely worthwhile. I valued being in a group with others willing to be vulnerable and learn together. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to grow in their ability to show up in an authentic way in multiple settings.

Lou and the team at Interact Studio are amazing! I was fortunate to attend an Authentic Communication Workshop during a very transitional period in my career. The stakes were getting higher and I needed more confidence in presenting to larger groups – telling my story. The best two and a half days of professional development you will ever find!

Lou Solomon and her team at Interact have played an integral role in helping me shape my public voice. As an introvert often more comfortable with keeping thoughts to myself, speaking to crowds with confidence was a challenge. They first helped me craft and choreograph a short speech for 400+ people, then led me deeper into finding my own voice through workshops and individual coaching. Their skills lie in really listening for each person’s authentic style and providing individualized feedback so that what emerges does so with greater confidence and ease. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

An incredible life-changing experience. I found my voice here and the freedom to be myself behind the microphone.

As an author and executive coach, I have been invited to speak at various conferences. Lou and the Interact Team are my go-to people for preparation and even practice. Love their emphasis on storytelling.

Lou Solomon deeply cares about each individual and accepts wherever she or he is on the continuum of experience in speaking. Her focus on telling one’s story is inspiring and confidence-building to all.

Several members of the Nucor leadership team have worked with Interact. Interact brings the competence needed to navigate complex issues, but also takes the time to learn about your business…and more importantly, to learn about each member of the team they interact with. The interest they take to truly get to know each member of your team allows for a meaningful result…and a fun experience.