Quentin Williams

Quentin Williams

The Official Line

M. Quentin “Q” Williams is author of “A Survival Guide: How NOT to Get KILLED by the POLICE,” and an in-demand speaker on Diversity, Belonging and Equity. In his earlier career, “Q” was an attorney-turned-federal prosecutor and ultimately an FBI agent.

Today he is most passionate about his role as the founder of Dedication to Community (D2C), a non-profit and advocacy for Healing and Reconciliation. “Q” sees his calling as one that has come together in this moment in time in the awareness of social injustice.


The Heart Line

“Q” was born on the island of St. Thomas and then grew up with his single mother in New York City. She helped shape him into the young man who would become an honor student and All State football player instead of joining so many of his friends on the street. He went on to accomplish so much more. “Q” is a beloved son, father, friend, collaborator and game-changer. He sees his success as mapped by the cherished relationships he has poured himself into.