Patrick Sheehan

Patrick Sheehan is our “rock.” His superpower is setting up on-camera production for multiple classes, conferences and TED-like events.
Patrick Sheehan

The Official Line

At the center of Interact Studio you will find Patrick rolling up his sleeves and making it happen. He began his career in television production in Upstate New York. After moving south, he grew into consulting and contract work for ESPN and the NFL Carolina Panthers. He also ran production for Fortune 50 town hall meetings. Patrick’s superpower is humanizing a “corporate speak” and simplifying slide decks that look like eye charts.


The Heart Line

We love Patrick for his total dedication and the way he believes in us. Outside Interact Studio you’ll find him enjoying one of the family homes at the beach and in the mountains with his wife, Paige and son Connor, a graduate of North Carolina State. Or–you might find him at his favorite pastime, playing golf.