Michael J. Sammut

Michael J. Sammut

The Official Line

As a native New Yorker, Michael is not only well-traveled globally, but we’d say he knows his way around the web too. With 22 years of experience in website design, programming, e-commerce, and content management, there’s no digital sandbox he can’t play in.  Michael has worked as an informational analyst for the government, and for J.P. Morgan as an information security consultant. He’s obtained graduate degrees from both St. John’s and Columbia University.  When not in front of his computer, Michael cranks his guitar very loudly, dives into unknown ocean depths, loves theoretical physics, and drinks copious amounts of espresso.


The Heart Line

Michael is an eternal optimist looking for the bright side of all situations. There is not a day that goes by he is not thankful for his life and loves to share kindness and joy with those around him. Michael lives in South Charlotte and can be found after work swinging on his hammock over his koi pond conteplating what he will create for dinner.