Amber Lineback

Amber Lineback is a master facilitator and comedian (equal parts). She can tell a yarn like no one we know.
Amber Lineback

The Official Line

Amber Lineback is a master facilitator and executive coach to Interact in her “spare time” from a leadership role in organizational effectiveness at a Fortune 100 company. She began her career in IT but quickly learned that she was best at the people side of the business. A day with Amber is one filled with practical wisdom, energetic learning, and wonderful, quick wit.


The Heart Line

When the team gets together, Amber is one of the troublemakers. We all wind up doubled over, laughing at her latest adventure. Her cherished escape in life is traveling. She has skied in the Italian Alps, celebrated Fasching (Mardi Gras) in Munich, ridden an elephant in Thailand, and sailed through the British Virgin Islands. She is our comedic world traveler.