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10 Great Ways to Use Storytelling in Business Presentations

Stories engage people in a way that analytical content cannot. The reason is connected to human biology and the dichotomy of brain function.  The left brain handles linear thinking–numbers, letters, logic, and sequence. The right brain thinks in pictures and color — it loves to...

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Our Home in the Grinnell Water Works Building

Our home, the Grinnell Water Works Building, is filled with history and character....

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The Voices of Marjory Stoneman Douglas

The students of Stoneman Douglas found their voices to call for change....

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Hitting the Right Notes and Avoiding “Tone Deaf” Media Relations

During a time of crisis take the pulse of the people who matter most....

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How to Build a Powerful Presentation

It begins with understanding how to build a bridge....

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8 Ways to Overcome the YIKES! in Public Speaking

If you feel a surge of creepy, cold adrenaline before you speak, we’ve got some good news....

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4 Tips for Overcoming Presentation Snafus

Don’t react, stay focused and keep your cool–and the audience won’t notice!...

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How to Introduce a Speaker

Introducing a speaker on short notice? We’ve got you covered....

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A Recipe for Your Breakthrough Performance

What risks are you willing to take to make your speaking more powerful and inspiring?...

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The Power of Storytelling in the Life of a Sixth Grader

In 1976 I learned to articulate real life experiences. It changed me forever....

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Q&A with Interact: Public Speaking vs Authentic Speaking

A speech versus a conversation....

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