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Interact Guidebook

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How to Give a Powerful Group Presentation

For an audience to follow and enjoy a group presentation, it must be fluid—seamless....

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How To Understand Your Audience by Asking 7 Important Questions

Take a tip from the pros. Put the time in and don’t deviate. Do the pregame rituals that lead to a win and take the room with confidence....

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Seven Tips for Increasing Engagement During Q&A

Discover the real power of Q & A with these seven secret weapons....

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Ten Tips to Showing Up and Earning Trust

Words matter but sincerity registers in the way you look, move and sound–not what you say....

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Ten Deadly Rules for Presentation Visuals

If you’re after mediocrity, all the rules are right here....

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What To Do When You Think You Have a Boring Presentation

Boring topic? The audience is counting on you to make it interesting....

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4 Tips for Overcoming Presentation Snafus

Don’t react, stay focused and keep your cool–and the audience won’t notice!...

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Tracing Your Influences

As you begin to identify these influences, more and more will occur to you....

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How to Uncover, Own and Tell Your Story

The first steps of any spectacular presentation is your own sense of identity....

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Think of Your Audience as the Hero

Planning a high-stakes presentation? It should come as a relief that it’s really not about you....

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5 Ways to Practice Effective Communication

Old programming can hold you back....

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12 Tips to Nail Your Next Presentation

Never settle for the status quo....

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How to Organize a Compelling Presentation

Open and close well and don’t screw it up in between....

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When does an Audience Stop Listening?

Follow these steps and you won’t have to find out....

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How to Craft a Meaningful Message

Eight tips to help you infuse meaning and value into your talk....

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