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Interact Guidebook

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How to Give a Powerful Group Presentation

For an audience to follow and enjoy a group presentation, it must be fluid—seamless....

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Seven Tips for Increasing Engagement During Q&A

Discover the real power of Q & A with these seven secret weapons....

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How to Introduce a Speaker

Introducing a speaker on short notice? We’ve got you covered....

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7 Ways to Warm Up Your Vocal Presence

Your tone of voice is a language....

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How to Handle a High-Stakes Presentation to a Board of Directors

Bring your heart into a mind-filled room....

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How to Use Data in Your Presentation

Use the whole brain approach....

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Six Ways to Handle a Heckler

Above all, don’t react defensively....

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5 Steps to Get a Meeting Back On Track

As you’re planning your next meeting, get crystal clear on the purpose....

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How to Close a Meeting: Four ways to Create Buy-in, Get Results

Don’t send people away with only a hazy sense of what happened....

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How to Facilitate Like an Expert: A Case Study

Change your thinking – the actions and results will follow suit....

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How to Lead a Meeting (and Leave ‘em Wanting More)

Meetings are too expensive to throw away!...

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10 Verbal Mistakes that Drain Your Credibility

…um, like, you know?...

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Asking Questions that an Audience will Answer

Engaging others in conversation is an art....

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How to Blow Up a Boring Meeting (In a Good Way)

Tips for getting off of the “Pain Train.”...

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