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Interact Guidebook

Your Resource for Authentic Communication

Beware of the Dark Side of the Podium

Podiums keep us hidden and disconnected from the audience. Step away!...

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How to Organize a Compelling Presentation

Open and close well and don’t screw it up in between....

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How to Use Data in Your Presentation

Use the whole brain approach....

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How to Use Technology as a Presentation Tool

Set yourself up for success....

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How to Untether Yourself from a Speaker Podium

Show up and take command....

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Use Your Phone to become a Better Public Speaker

You have a coach in your pocket....

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How to Handle Tough Questions at Press Conferences

Here are 7 Tips for a successful showing....

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Six Ways to Handle a Heckler

Above all, don’t react defensively....

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Use Quotes and Anecdotes in Your Keynote Presentation

Consider a short, expressive quote that carries heat....

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Use Your Founder’s Story in a Keynote

Employees may need help reconnecting to the original core values of the company....

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Wishing for a Do-Over at the Podium

Instead of trying to impress us, bring value and meaning....

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How to Craft a Meaningful Message

Eight tips to help you infuse meaning and value into your talk....

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Nine Ways to Open Your Presentation

Say something unexpected and interesting....

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How to Begin Your Presentation Before You Say a Word

The real beginning happens before you leave home....

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Presentation Lessons from The Gettysburg Address

Lincoln is looming in our minds larger than ever after the release of Steven Spielberg’s latest film. For many of us, Lincoln will now have the noble face of Daniel Day-Lewis, who plays the United States’ 16th president in his final months in office. “Lincoln”...

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