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Interact Guidebook

Your Resource for Authentic Communication

Building Trust as a New Leader: Ten Key Communication Secrets

Trust is the one thing that changes everything....

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Five Ways to Build Profitable Vendor Partnerships

Profits are higher when working with suppliers as long term partners....

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Are People Skills a Boardroom Blind Spot?

The responsibility to be a role model for employees is even greater....

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How to Handle Tough Questions at Press Conferences

Here are 7 Tips for a successful showing....

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How to Restore Trust Featuring A Non-Profit Giant: Jane McIntyre

Charm, authenticity and zero B.S....

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How to be the Most Influential Person in the Room

5 ways you can practice imperfection....

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Four Elements of Executive Presence

The American painter Robert Henri said, “It’s a wrong idea that a master is a finished person.” I would add that people who see themselves as “finished” often lack executive presence. Coaching and development are not enough. Coaching and development cannot fortify just anyone with...

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Executive Presence for the “High-Potential” Leader

The number one reason I am asked to work with individual executives is to help them make the transition from transactional relationships to forging real human connections—to develop executive presence.  The “high potential” leader Most of these people have followed a similar track. They were...

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7 Ways CEOs “Stay Connected” in Large Organizations

Culture rests on human relationships....

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Set Aside Your Huge Desire to be Right

Seek first to understand—before trying to solve—problems The last company I worked for was very corporate and every employee had to go through “Speed of Trust” training. There were 7 steps in the course but the one I remember the most and apply in my...

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