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8 Ways to Overcome Nervousness when Speaking

Channel your nervous energy into electricity using these 8 steps....

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Crisis Management – A Starbucks Case Study

Companies that respond to crisis in an authentic manner can emerge even stronger....

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8 Ways to Overcome the YIKES! in Public Speaking

If you feel a surge of creepy, cold adrenaline before you speak, we’ve got some good news....

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Executive Presence for a New Leader

Presence is never perfected, only practiced....

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How to Handle Tough Questions at Press Conferences

Here are 7 Tips for a successful showing....

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Four Elements of Executive Presence

The American painter Robert Henri said, “It’s a wrong idea that a master is a finished person.” I would add that people who see themselves as “finished” often lack executive presence. Coaching and development are not enough. Coaching and development cannot fortify just anyone with...

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Executive Presence for the “High-Potential” Leader

The number one reason I am asked to work with individual executives is to help them make the transition from transactional relationships to forging real human connections—to develop executive presence.  The “high potential” leader Most of these people have followed a similar track. They were...

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Three things that Define Executive Presence

There seems to be a ton of attention focused on the topic of Executive Presence lately. I can hardly pick up a trade journal or visit a social media site without someone saying something about it. A simple Google search turns up over 92 million hits on...

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