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Human Touch Spotlight: Pedro Perez of Charlotte Family Housing

“I’m given tremendous hope that Charlotte wants to be a welcoming, inclusive and global city. I want to be a part of that. I want to be a part of making that come true for the families, their children and for everyone else. As we lift...

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Sorry, Not Sorry – Urban Meyer

Non-verbal communication reveals the intent of the message....

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Think of Your Audience as the Hero

Planning a high-stakes presentation? It should come as a relief that it’s really not about you....

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5 Ways to Practice Effective Communication

Old programming can hold you back....

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Six Ways to Handle a Heckler

Above all, don’t react defensively....

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Five Ways to Become a Better Listener

Listening is more powerful than talking....

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How to Restore Trust Featuring A Non-Profit Giant: Jane McIntyre

Charm, authenticity and zero B.S....

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How to be the Most Influential Person in the Room

5 ways you can practice imperfection....

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Why Demands Fail to Motivate People

Attempts to control people with fear will always backfire....

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What Should I Do With My Hands When I Speak? 5 Tips

One of the most common questions I hear is: what should I do with my hands when I speak? And I have good news for you; the answer is easier than you might think. Picture the last time you saw a compelling speaker—it may have...

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Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

Do more of what gives you life and less of what robs you of energy....

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Graceful, Authentic Communications

Sprez-za-tu-ra (sprāt-sä-tü-rä) is an Italian word used to describe someone doing their craft so well that it looks effortless. If you’ve ever seen James Taylor perform live, now that is someone making music in a sprezzatura way. If you’re going for perfection, you’re not in the...

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Set Aside Your Huge Desire to be Right

Seek first to understand—before trying to solve—problems The last company I worked for was very corporate and every employee had to go through “Speed of Trust” training. There were 7 steps in the course but the one I remember the most and apply in my...

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Authentic Communications: Being in Concert

We all long for a meaningful energy exchange....

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