Stacy Cassio Is Turning Mentoring Upside Down

By Lou Solomon

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“I built what I needed, a community of female mentorship.”

Kansas is known for tornadoes and we are blessed that one named Stacy Cassio made her home in Charlotte. Stacy is the founder & CEO of Pink Mentor Network, Charlotte’s largest female mentorship network. She is on a mission to let every woman know that she deserves a stage, a microphone, and an audience.

Stacy Cassio Pink Mentor NetworkStacy was our guest on Human Touch recently, and she told us about her own pursuit of female mentorship when she was leading an all-male team of engineers in the manufacturing industry.

Pink Mentor Network was launched out of that experience in 2017. She began reaching out to like-minded women who found themselves in the same situation.

Since then Stacy has not only built a business to lift others, she has built a community (spend a little time with her and you’ll want to sign up).

Building Relationships Is Work (But Worth It)

It makes sense that Stacy Cassio knows something about Virtual Relationship Building. During her Human Touch talk, we asked her to share some pointers:

  • Make sure you’re ready for the conversation before you reach out.
  • Be clear and transparent about why you want to connect.
  • Be less transactional, and more human.
  • Remember that there is a human behind every social media profile. Ask how you can help carry them forward.
  • Think of your network like a bank account and deposit into that account by telling people they matter and they’ll continue to invest in you.

Stacy has dedicated her life to a reinvention of mentorship that serves women. Her innovative model turns the old, unworkable idea of mentorship upside down.

If that resonates with you, follow her at @pinkmentornetwork or visit Pink Mentor Network’s website.

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