Q&A with Interact: Public Speaking vs Authentic Speaking

By Lou Solomon

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The traditional context for “public speaking” is a speech versus a conversation, saying the right words and using a set of official rules that should be followed in order to do a good job.  Some of these “rules” are grounded in techniques that are helpful, no doubt. But how you stand and the way you gesture doesn’t mean much if you can’t connect with people.

Authentic speaking and presenting asks that you speak from who you are and not who you think you should be. Naturally, you have to know what you’re talking about. If you are a nuclear physicist, you better know your quarks from your bosons. But in order to trust you or be influenced by you, we want you to be a sincere and likable human being.

What do you teach in the course, “Your Authentic Speaking Style™”?

Your Authentic Speaking Style™ is the on-camera learning experience at Interact Studio that puts people on the path to being the great communicators they were meant to be.  Participants give standing presentations in order to mature their ideas and their stories, and to break down how to make a connection with the hearts and minds of people.  We prioritize making a connection over the techniques of public speaking.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR1739.What is the Interact course experience like?

You will find the environment at Interact Studio open, warm and welcoming. We believe that learning is made easier by the comfort of laughter, good food and frequent breaks. We insist that you enjoy yourself during your stay with us.  Here are a few comments from our friends:

“The best part was watching everyone grow and develop so quickly as it related to the individual style, room presence and overall delivery of the story/information.  Impact was immediate and the coaching was very open, honest and believable.  Your team made everyone believe in themselves and find that special “something” that we all have which makes us powerful speakers and communicators.” — Coca-Cola Company Consolidated manager

“MY biggest takeaway is increased confidence. I feel much more empowered to turn the anxiety adrenaline into “mojo”. You helped us all feel at ease early, which enabled us to more easily make a connection with our audience. I am literally excited about my next presentation instead of dreading it’s arrival.  On a more personal note, I think it was obvious to everyone how emotionally invested and passionate you are about helping others. That’s a rare quality that I hope you cherish.”  — FreemanWhite Architects executive

“Rarely do I walk away from a full day of presenting and say…”I really enjoyed myself”….speaks volumes to the atmosphere you create and the positive energy/reinforcement throughout the day.  Your reputation is well deserved….top notch.”  — Wells Fargo executive

Learn more about our Your Authentic Speaking Style™ course here.

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