Quick Tips: Conversation Charisma

By Lou Solomon

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workplace friendsThis is the third in a three-part series on natural presence and charisma, which are not reserved for the lucky few with a special gene.  They are the result of self-awareness, emotional intelligence and the discipline of practice.

  1. Give team members appreciation but do more than pass out “atta-boys.”  Be specific about their contribution by saying, “Here’s what I noticed about your contribution…”
  2. If you have to give someone tough feedback, be calm and specific about the behavior and events, but never unload emotional blame.
  3. If a conversation becomes tense, practice appreciation and empathy.  Ask the individual about his or her point of view and recognize its value.
  4. To deal with inner negativity, go through the day noticing the things for which you are grateful.  Positivity will show up in your conversations.