People don't want slide data.

They crave your eye contact, ideas, and stories.

People Want You To Say Something Real In A Clear And Concise Way.


Own the Message is an on-camera workshop that draws on the principles of Your Authentic Speaking Style but drills down on the art of crafting a memorable message. 

We recommend this workshop for team members who are more experienced in delivery but have drifted into lackluster, long presentations. With our preparation techniques and the use of stories, we will help you speak less but say more.

Presenters who Own the Message have invested themselves by thoroughly considering what matters to listeners, who instantly recognize authenticity.

Typically, this workshop runs for a half day. We can customize the schedule according to the size of your team.

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The Highlights of Own the Message include:

  • Team Focus. Narrowing the focus of your message frees the team to be more vital in delivery.
  • Improved Presentation Reputation within the organization for brevity and relevance
  • Efficiency. More efficient use of time and higher buy-in ratio.
  • Team Collaboration throughout the course and on-camera practice gives way to team ownership of the message.
  • Increased Confidence as a team to show up with presence and own the story of your company with passion
  • A new understanding of Executive Presence through preparation
  • Inspiration to build a Story Library of the team’s role in helping the company achieve its vision
  • Practical Tools you can use immediately, including formulas for organizing content.

Team of Communicators energized to work on themselves to maximize the value they bring to your clients, team, and organization.

Interact helped us develop our people to become better sellers, team members, and leaders through authentic communication. The experience we had with Lou Solomon and her team has had a lasting impact on our business.
Denny Hammack, CEO of Patterson Pope