At Interact Studio, we’ve designed and delivered solutions for hundreds of leaders, managers, and team leaders. We have a set of interrelated tools to draw from.

No matter what the topic, we can help managers embrace their “true work,” which is to support and develop understanding among their team members.

Key Highlights

  • Listening. Dialogue revolves around not only speaking but committed listening.
  • Articulating the Company Vision. Leaders who can do this in an authentic, relevant way are seen as trustworthy.
  • Message Mapping Method. You will learn our formula for organizing discussion material and managing Q & A successfully.
  • Storytelling. Story elements can help you make a personal connection in conversation.
  • Handling pushback. Leaders become skilled at dealing with difficult conversations.


  • A consistent approach to conversations that move initiatives forward.
  • Less resistance to changes as teammates understand and accept the rationale, even though they might not like them.
  • A renewed appreciation for everyone doing their best in difficult situations.
  • Improved morale and trust among team members.