A workplace where everyone belongs is not just an aspiration, it is a business imperative. Today, leaders must do everything possible to ensure that all teammates know that they belong, and all customers feel welcomed and appreciated.

Interact Studio helps leaders conduct Conversations of Belonging to advance the process of listening, understanding, discussing, and appreciating differences of all types and building a culture where everyone fits.

  • Stories of Belonging begins with a common language around diversity—and how to structure productive diversity conversations. In breakout sessions, participants share stories about diversity, equity, and inclusion. 2-hour workshop.
  • Difficult Conversations provides tools and practice for initiating conversations about differences and Stories of Belonging. 3-hour workshop.
  • Becoming an Ally explores allyship and the ways to support and champion marginalized people and groups. 1.5-hour workshop.
  • Moving to Belonging focuses on belonging and steps the organization can take to advance the journey. 2-hour follow-up session.

The Interact team, including DEI expert M. Quinten Williams, will work with you to create customized sessions that begin where you are and move at a pace and intensity that is right for your team.