Lean Into Your Strengths for Teams

When you give individuals the opportunity to discover what they do best using the CliftonStrengths® assessment, they can see their role in the team’s success. In addition, leaders who understand their own strengths and those of their teams can build stronger relationships for improved performance.

Key Highlights:

  • Individuals learn how to turn their natural talents into strengths.
  • An understanding of how strengths are distributed across the team.
  • A common language to work better with one another.
  • Teams explore how strengths can help them move past obstacles.


  • More meaningful and direct communication
  • Improved interdependence and a more cohesive group
  • Increased engagement, productivity, and performance
  • Lower turnover and attrition

It’s the Manager

Team members who receive authentic feedback from a supportive manager are three times more likely to be engaged than those who only receive feedback once a year in a performance review.

As you make plans for leadership development, don’t overlook the role managers and team leaders play in your company’s long-term success.