By Susie Adams

Former First Lady Michelle Obama released her compelling memoir this November. And she has been on a worldwide book tour. You may have heard about it ?.

Obama Speaks Interact

Obama speaks Interact. She talks about authenticity and being her authentic self. Recently, Michelle spoke at a girl’s school in the United Kingdom and spoke about suffering from the Imposter Syndrome. She talks about making grilled cheese in her kitchen. She gets us.

The Everyday

In the memoir, she is refreshingly candid. She talks about things that influential people don’t talk about. She talks about marriage counseling. She talks about infertility and conceiving her daughters through IVF. She gives voice to things that are real life.

Vulnerability Leads to the Real

She is vulnerable. And that vulnerability is appealing. So much so that Obama was named America’s most admired woman of 2018 in Gallup’s annual poll. She is the first woman other than Hillary Clinton to head the poll in 17 years. She was candid, funny and real, and American’s admire her more than ever.


We also love the concept of “becoming.” The idea is that as we go through life, we should continue to grow and become the person we are meant to be. And we never completely finish “becoming.” We like that.

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