Media Training

A moment in the media is an excellent opportunity to build trust and influence unless you’re unprepared. Then it becomes a liability. These moments can be the “dialog” between your organization and its stakeholders. We want to help you nail it.

Our team has decades of radio, television, print, and social media experience. Our Media Consulting includes crafting the message, preparing for interviews, and mastering Q & A sessions. We are nimble and can be available on short notice. Since timing is of the essence, reach out the moment you know you have an opportunity to be in the spotlight.

I have had the pleasure of working with the Interact team for several years and I would recommend them with enthusiasm. Lou and the team provide tremendous counsel to our executive team (of a Fortune 150 company) on both internal and external communication matters. Lou is a true professional and trusted partner.
Katherine Coley

Are you ready to participate in a media interview?

Your message could soon reach hundreds, thousands, or millions of people. To help you become a fearless interviewee, here are some tips from our team on preparing for an interview.

  • Prepare and anticipate questions.
  • Don't let the question get in the way of your message.
  • When delivering your message, remember your target audience.
  • Prepare to answer the question that is not asked.
  • Don't ramble and avoid industry jargon - speak to your audience.
  • Don't lose your temper.
  • Do not be afraid of silence.
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Media Training Customized Exclusively for Your Needs

Strategy is about being prepared for any situation. It’s also about preparing for the future, whether today or ten years later.

Interact Studio is the leading provider of media training, presentation training, and crisis consulting for companies across the country. We specialize in efficient communication coaching solutions designed to educate, inform, and empower.

We provide clients with an intense workshop that helps communicators better understand the news media and trains them to deliver their messages flawlessly.

You may have to get used to communicating differently with different people. Still, the reality-based training technique gives you the tools to communicate well to any target—even non-traditional journalists and audiences.

We'll help you reach your audience through webinars, social media, and internal corporate videos. We're the most comprehensive video marketing software for small businesses.

Interact studio is the best! Lou Solomon and her staff have been an integral part of my public speaking success. They share their wisdom and expertise with patience, knowledge, bluntness (tempered with diplomacy), and great effectiveness. Their technology also adds a helpful dimension to all training.
Paulette Ashlin

Why This Media Training Course?

People who find themselves in the public eye can benefit from media training courses. Media training teaches you how to convey information clearly and succinctly, even if you don't have much knowledge in your subject area.

Anyone can get the skills and confidence to do a successful interview with enough training, preparation, and practice. A few things should be considered when looking for a media training course.

A career can be made or unmade by a media performance.

Are you ready to show your best?


When you start looking for a media training course, you will realize that some courses aren't as practical as others. Check the reviews carefully. You want techniques and strategies to help you deal with the media, not just words.

To ensure you get the best possible learning experience, check to see the trainer's expertise and what past students have said. Our team has decades of radio, television, print, and social media experience.


If you need help with confidence in interviews or struggle with creating messages for media interviews, this training is for you.

There are many ways to become a better communicator. An excellent media training course will teach you how to communicate more effectively and coherently with the media in various situations.

At Interact, this training is tailored to your time in the spotlight. 

Current Strategies

New forms of media are changing, and new strategies and tactics are being used all the time.

With the rise of new media platforms every year, it’s essential to have a recently updated course.  We understand the demands of the ever-changing media landscape.

Our program has evolved over two decades, and we’ve adapted to the times and adjusted based on the customer's needs.
Instead of generic presentations, we engage you with real-world case studies and on-camera interview training to prepare them to deal with any challenging presentations.

Develop, Deliver, and Truly Engage your Audience

In a world of non-stop all-day news coverage, organizations face intense pressure to stay on top of developments and convey messages.

Good, sharp, and credible messages are vital to engaging your audience and persuading readers, listeners, and viewers about the importance of your organization's work.

It’s often a good idea to convey your message clearly and succinctly. Sometimes, avoiding jargon and complex language is the best way to do this.

A message must stand out. Quotes must radiate. Statistics must tell a big-picture story.

Our training will show you how to develop and deliver truly engaging and memorable messages for the media.

Who is this for?

If you want to share the importance and impact of your work for local, domestic and international news organizations, then this is your training.

This course will help you to develop and deliver messages in a way that’s clear and confident to media professionals.

 What to Expect?

  • Develop and refine your skills to convey a story 
  • Use keywords to add impact to the story and quotes to inject personality.
  • Contribute clear arguments and deploy memorable facts.
  • Explain complex issues in a simple way to the media.
  • Prepare for interviews and press conferences quickly.
  • Anticipate skepticism and get away from difficult questions.
  • Handle tough questions and reporters.

What you will walk away with.

Participants benefit from getting to the point quickly and engaging the media by making their message relevant and accessible.
It has been a while since I took your course on authentic speaking, and it is still my favorite course. Your course opened a whole new dimension, previously unknown, opening my eyes to the "freedom" of being authentic. I have held onto that over the last 9 years. Your course has shaped my approach to interacting with people and groups.
Iris Chang Sauls

We all want to be re-energized in our passion and the way we express it. The Interact team has a unique talent for drawing us into our best, authentic selves, and they do it in such a non-threatening way.
Tina Postel, CEO | Loaves & Fishes