Impact the world

It takes a different kind of communications company to inspire and support your authenticity, transparency, courage, and caring so you can have a greater impact on the world.



Tell Them Who You Are. It Gets Their Attention.
Moments in the media create a “dialogue” between your company and its community of stakeholders.
They can help you build trust and influence — or not. If you’re unprepared, a moment in the media becomes a huge liability.

We’ve all seen those awful mistakes play out on the public stage. Leaders fail themselves, their teams, and their organizations by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. A reputation is a fragile asset, and many companies don’t recover.

Even on smaller stages, we can lose out by giving a mediocre interview that doesn’t advance your company's reputation.

We help leaders at every level move from discomfort to command of all interview forms:

  • Business journal features
  • Live network television cut-ins
  • Public radio & television
  • Press conferences
Preparation makes way for presence.
We help you figure out what type of questions might come your way, how to stick to your core messages — and how to get it back on track if it goes sideways.

You will show up confidently if you know how to answer tough questions.

We help you craft messages that focus on human beings first — their health, safety, and wellness. We will help you meet the moment with generosity and appropriate vulnerability.

Interact Studio is nimble and can be available on short notice. Our team has decades of radio, television, print, and social media experience. If you have a corporate communications team, we will partner with them as additional team members.

Where do you start? 
Reach out, and let’s talk. Our coaching will give you confidence, knowledge, and on-camera skills.
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Your Authentic Speaking Style
When you’re at Interact Studio, you stand straighter, taller, and stronger. Lou and her team zero in on your best work and invite even more.
Lynne Ingersoll, xplore Leadership
The team at Interact Studio is able to draw out your authentic style and create breakthrough moments.
Beth Hernandez, Global Communications Leader at DPR Construction.
If you attend a course at Interact Studio, be prepared to push yourself, stand in your strengths and greatness; and go beyond where you were when you walked in.
Charles Thomas, Program Director | James L. Knight Foundation