How Do You Rate On Showing Up?

By Lou Solomon

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According to Woody Allen, 85% of success in life is about showing up.

Rate yourself from 1 to 5 (1 being lowest) on the following tenets of Showing Up.

1.  Getting face-to-face for important conversations.

2.  Practicing committed listening.

3.  Living life intentionally, fully awake and aware of the moments in which you connect with others.

4.  Protecting time on your calendar for friends and family.

5.  Bringing your energy and attention into the room, meeting or conversation.

6.  Keeping appointments, being true to your word.

7.  Investing face-to-face time to build relationships.

8.  Recognizing when others need your undivided attention.

9.  Attending events important to friends, colleagues and family.

10. Sharing sensitive news in person.

How to score your assessment

40-50 You are showing up

30-39 You struggle to show up

20-29 You don’t show up but you think about it

10-19 You don’t show up and you don’t know it