Graceful, Authentic Communications

By Jeff Serenius

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Tango shoesSprez-za-tu-ra (sprāt-sä-tü-rä) is an Italian word used to describe someone doing their craft so well that it looks effortless.

If you’ve ever seen James Taylor perform live, now that is someone making music in a sprezzatura way.

If you’re going for perfection, you’re not in the sprezzatura spirit

Sprezzatura was described to me as a combination of ease and grace and class. It’s the opposite of playing tennis with loud grunts, or whining when you have to finish that last thing you’d really rather not.

To me, sprezzatura is not about being flashy or perfect. If you’re trying for that, your trying too hard. That’s not effortless and definitely not in the sprezzatura spirit.

Practice, study and authenticity

There are a number of ways to communicate with sprezzatura.Tons of practice and careful study can hone your craft such that doing it looks effortless—but doing just that is not enough.

What’s missing is you—the Authentic you that we can not get anywhere else.

Perfection isn’t sufficient

Perfectly delivered information is not enough. It does not resonate, influence, or connect. We need the heart and mind and presence that only you can add to the message to do that.

Good news is, to do that is effortless. You do not have to pretend or push to be anyone else. You need to be yourself, even more.

And when you can do that, the Sprezzatura magic seems to happens.

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