Are you delivering your best?

Whether you are speaking to your teams, supervisors, or customers,
what you say and how you say it matters.


Get personalized 1:1 speaker coaching.


As an author and executive coach, I have been invited to speak at various conferences.
Lou and the Interact Team are my go-to people for preparation and even practice.
Love their emphasis on storytelling.

Joan O'Sullivan Wright


Executives who emerge as great leaders don’t do it without a strategic plan and a powerful story. The right message builds buy-in and support from employees and other stakeholders.

Practice and focus are the ways we strengthen your speaking skills. Once fine-tuned, you will deliver your ideas with confidence, move your audience into action, and adapt to different speaking situations.

Interact Studio tailors its coaching plans to your needs, which might include a 100-Day Plan for new leaders and clear articulation of company purpose.

Your business is defined by how you communicate.

Communication is essential to your success, whether you pitch to the board of directors, speak to the media, or present to internal staff.

A leader who doesn't communicate effectively is not a leader for long. If you deliver your message on your own, it is easy to share.

It takes more than a single session to improve your communication skills no matter your role.

Our team helps professionals from various industries enhance and polish their communications for more effective results in shareholder, board-level, executive meetings, media interviews, employee meetings, and day-to-day operations and interactions.

At Interact Studio, be prepared to push yourself, to stand in your strengths and your greatness, and go beyond where you were when you walked in.
Charles Thomas

Do you want to boost your confidence every time you speak, from casual conversations to more formal settings?

When you strengthen your speaking skills and focus on long-term success, you'll be able to deliver your ideas with confidence.

It is time to get your audience to take action, and successfully adapt to various speaking situations.

It's time to transform your skills.
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Building credibility is crucial.

It’s not easy to communicate effectively to inspire and motivate action. But it's something that you have to learn over time.

Interact is in your corner. You’ll get ongoing support and coaching for the big moments and everyday touch-points in your life.

We work one-on-one with each of my clients. In our personalized communications coaching program for leaders, we work on how to say what matters.

Are you ready to grow?

From the start, you will notice improvements in the communication skills that define leadership, and you will become aware of your blind spots. as you progress, the improvements will build:

Make sure you communicate your vision so that everyone sees your direction and knows what to do to get there.  Help your team and stakeholders say, “I’m in.”  We’re ready to go!

Team Building & Leadership Development
It is essential to develop communications habits worthy of high-performing leaders and teams. You can assess your leadership team's strengths, spot opportunities for growth, and learn to work together inclusively and productively.

Storytelling & Meaningful Conversations
To inspire change and encourage can-do thinking, you have to master the art and science of telling a story. If you talk with your teams and clients instead of at them, they will feel heard and connected to your goal. It is essential to approach tough conversations with confidence.

Trust & Presence
Establish a strong point of view, learn how to connect and build relationships, and build trusted relationships by creating an executive presence.

Stakeholder Objectives
You can influence without direct authority at board meetings, among your senior-level colleagues, and in other places.

Do you want to learn to use your personality and power to create a memorable impression?

No matter what your role is in your company, you will benefit:

  • Leaders: Those who pitch to shareholders, the public, and investors.
  • Team Members: Individuals who update managers, direct reports, and colleagues.
  • Presenters: Those who interface with clients and customers.
  • Emerging Professionals: Individuals who want to ensure their message gets across clearly.
  • Experts & Influencers: Those who need to engage and convince others to take action.

To communicate better, you need to build trust faster, you influence the opinion of the direction quicker, and people are acting towards whatever that outcome is.

An incredible life-changing experience. I found my voice here and the freedom to be myself behind the microphone.
Martha Whitecotton
Interact studio is the best! Lou Solomon and her staff have been an integral part of my public speaking success. They share their wisdom and expertise with patience, knowledge, bluntness (tempered with diplomacy), and great effectiveness. Their technology also adds a helpful dimension to all training.
Paulette Ashlin

Your success plan starts now!

You've got to know how to persuade, entertain, educate, and inspire the right audiences in any situation at the correct times.

We’re experts at simplifying the complex and communicating effectively when the stakes are high. We advise and equip you with the skills and tools to succeed in your authentic way in every situation.

What does the Interact Studio approach include?

  • It provides helpful ideas and suggestions sensitive to your background, corporate culture, and preferences.
  • It takes time to understand and work with you.
  • It helps you communicate your ideas clearly and confidently.

We have two main components in our executive communications coaching program that make it effective. When used together, these two skills give you an edge for succeeding in a particular project, presentation, or pitch.

We need to lay the foundation for your success in our Executive Communications Coaching to help you get the best results.

What are your most vital communication strengths?
What roadblocks are hindering you from moving forward?
Is there any feedback you've gotten in the past?
Where can we find an opportunity to make a difference?

We will start identifying habits that help or hinder your skills and define ways to make immediate changes during this intensive session and future sessions.


Once we have a foundation, you will receive a plan for achieving continued, repeatable success. Of course, we coordinate everything on a schedule that works for you.

You will learn to master communications strategies and deliveries that drive initiatives like product launches, strategic shifts, and organizational changes through ongoing coaching.

Ready to increase your presence?

Maybe you need feedback, or perhaps you’ve got good content, but you know you can get better.

Whatever your reason for wanting to improve your public speaking abilities, your coach will help you sharpen skills that will take your speaking abilities to the next level.

Interact Studio will see you through whether you need help crafting a critical email, preparing for an all-hands communication, or anything in between.