Your Authentic Speaking Style™

You have a unique style of expression and a natural way of delivering a message. When you are in this space, we are drawn to your authenticity. You connect with our hearts and minds.

Your Authentic Speaking Style is the acclaimed in-person, on-camera learning experience with thousands of graduates from across the country.

The public edition of the course is offered in-person for small groups at Interact Studio. The class runs over two days: Day One – September 29 (1:00-4:30 PM) and Day Two – September 30 (8:30 AM – 12:00 PM).

Key Highlights

  • Strength-Based Coaching: You will be coached toward your style and strengths.
  • Breakthrough: You will uncover your authentic style through multiple rounds of speaking. Many graduates report having a breakthrough experience.
  • Presence: We demystify the concept of presence through human connection, intentional movement, and moments of vulnerability.
  • Storytelling: You will learn the tools of storytelling throughout the course not only a personal story but the strategic use of story-bites and metaphor.
  • Abundant Feedback: Throughout the course, you will receive real-time feedback from the faculty and group, as well as a private viewing of your video.


  • Appreciation of Leadership Listening as the first level of influence.
  • Increased confidence to present authentically to top leadership as well as direct reports.
  • A formula for organizing content for individual and team presentations.
  • The language of coaching when helping one another practice. A new commitment to excellence among members of your team.
  • Inspiration to build a story library of defining moments, turning points, and influences.

For more information on Your Authentic Speaking Style, click here.

For those participating: Please plan to wear a mask in the Grinnell Building, and in Interact Studio, except when presenting. The class is small to allow for distancing. We want you to be safe.

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Sep 29 2022


Day Two - September 30 (8:30 AM - 12:00 PM)
1:00 pm - 4:30 pm


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