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We want to support you in becoming the brave, one-of-a-kind communicator you were meant to be for your business, community, and life. Not everything has to be clearly defined for you to reach out, and we can help you identify your goals and the right solution for whatever keeps you stuck.

Some challenges we can help with including a perceived lack of presence, a blind spot in self-awareness, loss of confidence, and a gap in leadership skills. The CliftonStrengths® Assessment is often included in our development plans. Using the best parts of ourselves to thrive is always the correct answer. Reach out today, and let’s get started.


Our solutions are for individuals who 

  • have made a poor showing when giving an important presentation
  • are held back by a lack of confidence 
  • have blind spots in their interpersonal communication that keep them from reaching their potential
  • are moving into a new leadership role that requires a communication plan
  • need development around handling conflict more productively

Once we identify the direction, we ensure results, not just meetings.  Our process involves:

  • Identifying needs & goals
  • Conducting assessments
  • Delivering high-impact approach
  • Creating a schedule that works for you
  • Don't know where to start?
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Interact has worked with many senior leaders at Novant and helped them use their authentic voices. I’m personally glad to know Lou and her team.
Carl Armato, President | CEO of Novant Health
If you attend a course at Interact Studio, be prepared to push yourself, stand in your strengths and greatness; and go beyond where you were when you walked in.
Charles Thomas, Program Director | James L. Knight Foundation

It's Time to Unleash Your Potential

Everyone deserves a coach. Ambitious professionals need an objective business coach to help figure them out:

  • The skills required to be more productive
  • The knowledge of approaches and habits that are proven to lead to success
  • How to design and execute a plan
  • How to stay on track and achieve their goals

Our custom coaching solutions are designed to provide you with weekly accountability and support to achieve your goals.

Your coach is your ally, and they are ready to help you set those goals, get clear in your mindset, reach your potential, and live an abundant life.

I cannot tell you how much your teaching of authenticity has helped me lean into my speaking role as CEO. You are doing what you are supposed to be doing, and you are changing lives.
Liz Clasen-Kelly, CEO | Roof Above

Interact’s ability to manage through the pandemic and deliver a virtual program to 600 managers is admired. Fantastic work by the entire team!
Preston Gillespie, Chief Nuclear Officer | Duke Energy



We will help you regardless of your challenges.

Interact's executive coaches work one-on-one to create fully customized personal development plans to build the skills needed to change behaviors, improve results, and achieve true transformation.

Whether working on your professional development or leading an organization through times of significant growth or change, these experts have decades of business experience. They are uniquely qualified to help you succeed.  The investment you put in yourself translates into the ROI for your business.

What is the biggest challenge you are facing right now?

 Together we will:

  • Diagnose your biggest challenges.
  • Gain clarity on your role and goal.
  • Find the suitable activities to focus on right now. Stop trying to micromanage things.
  • Increase your Return on Effort (R.O.E.) to regain precious time.

Gain clarity, control, and confidence.

Time is critical whether you are guiding your company, leading your team, or doing it solo.  Everyone is busy but are you productive?

  • Are you getting the results you want?
  • What if you focused on the right things at the right time to grow your business?
  • What would that look like for you and your business?

Are you ready to launch yourself to new levels?
Contact us and find out!
Of Lou’s many fine character traits, perhaps my favorite is her magnetism. She draws you in with her intellect, wit, passion, and humility and gives you every reason to work with her. I’m grateful for Lou's investment in me professionally and personally as a partner and friend. Lou and her team have built a successful business, but the return they seem to prize most profoundly is when a client is faced with a daunting challenge and, in simplest terms, “nails it.”
Greg Efthimiou, Honeywell
Several members of the Nucor leadership team have worked with Interact. Interact brings the competence needed to navigate complex issues but also takes the time to learn about your business...and, more importantly, about each team member they interact with. The interest they take to truly get to know each member of your team allows for a meaningful result...and a fun experience
Dan Krug, Nucor