Vulnerability and the Rubik’s Cube

By Lou Solomon

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Recently a young woman came through one of our courses at Interact Studio and shared a story about the Rubik’s Cube.

She said that as a teenager she had been so frustrated with the puzzle that she spent hours carefully peeling off every little sticker to make each side of the cube solid. We all laughed with her because we understood completely.

Admit vulnerability and ask for help

Don’t we all do this on some level?  Instead of admitting vulnerability or asking for help, we arrange the colors on the outside to look as though we’ve figured everything out on the inside.

Plans like this usually don’t stick.

A strong leader brings together people who can remove barriers to one another’s greatness by spending time on their unique abilities.

Great things are done by people who don’t waste time on appearances. You must be willing to search out the right team members, share the power, let go of invulnerability—and solve the Rubik’s Cube together.