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Chad Henderson Found His Passion in Brewing

For most of his life, Chad Henderson didn’t know he wanted to be a Head Brewer. But what he did know from traveling with his dad, an award-winning Elvis impersonator, was that he wanted to do something non-traditional, something that allowed him creative expression. When...

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Why We’re Pulling for Joe Gibbs Racing this Season

Answer: We met Dave Alpern. Many of us don’t understand vulnerability. In our secret hearts, we don’t see vulnerability as a trait belonging to strong, magnetic people. If that’s what you believe, you haven’t met Dave Alpern, President of Joe Gibbs Racing. Dave was our...

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Chef Sam Diminich Pivots to Bring You Farm Fresh Food

A Fresh Idea for Fresh Food One of the most overused words of the year 2020 was “pivot.” But when the word fits the word fits. Chef Sam Diminich had one of Charlotte’s most significant pandemic pivots and we were delighted to have him as...

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Liz Clasen-Kelly is Finding Creative Ways to End Homelessness

Liz Clasen-Kelly is Finding Creative Ways to End HomelessnessTim Miner of Charlotte is Creative, shares his thoughts. By Tim MinerHome / Human Touch “There is only one Liz Clasen-Kelly. Her voice is one of knowledge, love, courage to do hard things and an unwavering belief...

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7 Surprising Sales Tips for Non-Sales Professionals

Do you ever find yourself in the position of needing to sell your services, but worrying about how you can remain authentic? Whether you are looking for a job, raising money for a cause, or trying to start a business, you are in sales. Unless...

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Human Touch: Giving Difficult Feedback

Two-thirds of business leaders are uncomfortable with giving employees direct feedback on their behavior. The fear of hurting people’s feelings and dealing with potential drama and retribution holds us back. Our humanness also causes us to avoid these feelings of vulnerability. 6 Steps to ensure...

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Human Touch Spotlight: The Steve Smith Family Foundation

Fighting for Homeless Students Carolina’s all-time leading receiver Steve Smith is one of the most talented players fans have ever watched play the game. His face is instantly recognizable to Carolinians. So, when it showed up on the local NBC affiliate recently, everyone paid attention. He...

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Human Touch Spotlight – Karen Calder

Every child should be afforded the opportunity to succeed in school and in life. “Back to School” in 2020 means remote learning for over a 100,000 of the local students served by Classroom Central, and many of them still don’t have materials to take notes,...

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Human Touch Spotlight – The Making of Charlotte’s BLM Mural

Have you ever wondered how an extraordinary collaboration comes together? How Charlotte’s Black Lives Matter Mural became an overnight sensation, for example? First you have to go back two years. Charlotte’s city government lacked a permanent planning director for more than three years. But in...

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Human Touch Spotlight: Derrik Anderson

Interrupting the System As Executive Director of Race Matters for Juvenile Justice (RMJJ), Derrik Anderson is doing what he calls “hard work and emotional labor.” To understand why, let’s begin with the facts: The North Carolina Department of Public Safety Report for 2018-2019 reported that...

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