Interact Studio’s Authentic People of 2020

By Porter Metzler

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Authentic People in 2020 by Interact Studio

As we focus on a better year in 2021, we want to celebrate the spirit of Authentic People in 2020. Each year, Interact Studio’s very own Susie Adams showcases a selection of extraordinary people who demonstrated authenticity, courage, heart, vulnerability, spirit and character and served as a source of inspiration over the past 365 days.

2020 served as a difficult year for many (we would say for almost everyone). Humanity faced a devastating pandemic. Our nation took to the streets to fight for social justice and systemic change. We lost loved ones. And, we all did our best to hold on to hope even when things felt dark.

Thankfully, there were nine bright spots that shined through 2020. Nine people who we feel showed up and showed out in a way that not many could, considering the state of the world. They reminded us that no matter what is going on, you can always be true to yourself.

Without further to do, we present…

Interact Studio’s Authentic People of 2020

Click the links above to read each individual’s article where Susie goes in-depth on why they were selected for this year’s list.

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