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It takes a different kind of communications company to inspire and support your authenticity, transparency, courage, and caring so you can have a greater impact on the world.




Our communication services, coaching, and classes inspire action and increase your impact on the world.

We are passionate advocates of human communication. Our backgrounds include Broadcasting, PR, Organizational Development, Corporate Communications, Business, and Town Hall Productions.

Our team also has human champions gifted in Social Media and Web Marketing who understand how to authentically approach the new world of AI.

We care deeply about how we communicate with the world — and with you.

Our Team

Lou Solomon
Lou Solomon is the founder and CEO of Interact Studio. With a career that spans radio, television, and public relations, Lou's passion for human connection led her to establish Interact Studio in 2000. Her vision was to go beyond conventional speaking classes and delve into authentic communication. Holding a master’s degree in organizational development, Lou is a teacher at heart. She co-founded the TWIST Conference for Women, now hosted by the McColl School of Business at Queens University. As an author and TEDx speaker, her insights have culminated in two books, "Say Something Real," and “Fighting the Impostor Mindset.” The Harvard Business Review,, Fast Company, and SUCCESS Magazine have published her articles. Click here to read more »  
Patrick Sheehan
Patrick Sheehan is the steadfast "rock" of Interact Studio, the longest-tenured partner, and the director of operations at home and on the road. He is also a coach and senior facilitator. With a background in television, NFL sports production, and global town hall meetings for Fortune 100 companies, Patrick’s stories and insights are priceless. Beyond his leadership at Interact Studio, Patrick enjoys working with seniors—helping them with odd jobs around the house that present a challenge. Most of all, he cherishes time spent with his wife, Paige, son Connor, and daughter-in-law, Ragan. Whenever possible, Patrick indulges in his favorite pastime: golf.
Michael J. Sammut
Michael J. Sammut, a native New Yorker, is a digital maestro with a global perspective. Boasting 25 years of experience in website design, programming, e-commerce, and content management, Michael has carved out a niche for himself in the digital realm. His roles underscore his expertise as an informational analyst for the government and an information security consultant for J.P. Morgan. Academically, Michael has enriched his knowledge with graduate degrees from both St. John’s and Columbia University. Beyond the digital world, Michael's passions are diverse. He is an avid guitarist, known to produce powerful melodies, an adventurous diver exploring the ocean's mysteries, a keen theoretical physics enthusiast, and a robust espresso connoisseur.
Porter Metzler
Porter Metzler is a gifted social media and marketing strategist, spearheading these domains as Interact Studio's Social Media and Marketing Manager. A proud alumnus of UNC-Chapel Hill, Porter majored in Communications and enriched his learning experience at Disney World. Porter now resides in State College, Pennsylvania, where he is pursuing an MBA. Meanwhile, he seamlessly manages his work for Interact Studio virtually. Porter's intuitive approach to social media and marketing, combined with his academic background and diverse experiences, positions him as a powerful contributor to the team.
Paige Sheehan
Paige Sheehan is an accomplished communications expert with a track record of navigating high-stakes crises for a Fortune 200 company. Drawing from her television news and public relations background, Paige has managed challenging reputational issues and news interviews throughout her career. Her role as an EMS Spokesperson, handling life and death situations, is a testament to her ability to exhibit "grace under pressure" in the most demanding scenarios. Paige's coaching specialty is guiding senior executives and equipping them with the skills to excel in high-stakes communication situations.
Susie Adams

Susan Adams is a communications pro and director of virtual programming at Interact Studio. With a rich background in executive roles at Duke Energy, she led the corporate communications team for the regulated electric business. She was also instrumental in directing the company’s state-level philanthropic initiatives. Susie has worked closely with top-tier executives, shaping their communication strategies. As a Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths® facilitator and coach and an ICF-credentialed executive coach, Susie brings a wealth of expertise to her work. She is also the founder and CEO of Carolin Associates, her consulting firm. Susie is a part of the adjunct faculty at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers is a talented videographer and digital storyteller. He combines his background in television production with the small-town wisdom he gained growing up on the Coastal Plains of southeastern North Carolina. Known for his spontaneous laughter and deep interest in people, Michael's presence is always a source of joy. A graduate of Johnson C. Smith University, he is an active leader in the Church and the Omega Psi Phi fraternity. Michael's genuine passion for connecting with people makes him an invaluable member of the Interact Studio team.

We believe in the power of the individual.

We've had the privilege of coaching over 12,500 communicators, each with unique stories and aspirations. This sparks our ability to craft strategies and talks that engage others. 

We help uncover your voice and increase your reach so that you can significantly impact your family, community, team, organization, and customers.

Our Process


For over two decades, we've been the secret weapon behind the success of over 830 global organizations. Our journey, spanning 23 years, is a testament to our commitment to excellence and the trust our clients place in us. They are better with Interact Studio on their team, and they make us better.
Wells Fargo
Duke Energy
Harris Teeter
Novant Health
Collins Aerospace
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Authenticity is a state of mind and a constant pursuit of greatness.

Our reach is truly global, with audiences spanning from the vibrant cities of the United States and Canada to the historic landscapes of the UK and France, the dynamic heart of Germany, the diverse cultures of South America, and the fast-paced world of Asia.

Join us on this journey of authentic speaking, and let's create your success story together.

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