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We are not here to simply help you make a great presentation to your Board of Directors, to have a challenging conversation, or build a communication strategy. We are here to help you connect with the hearts and minds of people and earn their trust; to step up and meet the moment.

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Authentic Speaking

What is Authentic Speaking?

 It happens when our speech, expressions, posture, and movement align and become harmonious. We become fully present—and unmistakably genuine.

Why does Authentic Speaking matter?

It’s rare. Inauthentic communication is everywhere, in abundance. People are skeptical and judgemental, and the marketplace is noisy. It takes courage to step out. Yet stepping out is the very thing that draws us to you.

What does Interact Studio teach?

Interact Studio is a communications company that provides meaningful learning experiences in authentic speaking, leadership presence, media interviews, messaging, team presentations, and spotlight presentations.

What programs are available?

We design customized learning experiences and services that build trust and influence. Interact Studio offers in-person, on-camera classes, virtual programs, team training, and private coaching.

We are in the customization business and work primarily with organizations. However, we offer a public version of our most popular class, “Your Authentic Speaking Style,” on a regular basis.

Does Interact Studio teach classic tips and techniques?

Yes, but practicing techniques that help you show up with more confidence is the easy part, not the most essential. If you focus solely on technique, you run the risk of being like everyone else.

Our goal is to release you into your authentic style of communication so that your message flows through you, not from a mental script. People will assign you credibility and command.

Isn’t professional performance more important to business people than authenticity?

Performance does not come at the expense of authenticity. Authenticity and performance are tied if you dare to go for greatness. That's the rare kind of organization we all want to work with.

Connecting with the hearts and minds of the audience is the goal–not one or the other. We are hardwired to connect with others, and passion is electricity.

What organizations does Interact Studio work with?

Today’s enlightened organizations are built to nurture human potential. They do it by communicating ideas that inspire people and build new futures. We are honored to work with Fortune 500 organizations in Energy, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail, Construction, Aerospace, and Law.

I don’t have to make presentations in my line of work. Why should I sign up?

Authentic Speaking is The Great Excercise in leveraging your originality, owning your story, building self-confidence, and gaining the trust of others.


We love to partner with business leaders who understand that authentic communication is pure fuel to performance. They are better with Interact Studio on their team, and they make us better.

Voice for a Cause

Over the years we have been enriched by the hundreds of scholarships we’ve awarded to people who are helping solve some of the world’s problems. Voice for a Cause is built on three initiatives:

Speak Up

Speak Up is an on-camera course for non-profit leaders. Classes are held twice a year. Scholarships are distributed through our partner SHARE Charlotte. If you would like to apply, contact us and we’ll get you started.

Voice Grant

Do you have a spotlight moment coming up? Our Voice Grant is an in-studio coaching session and script review. We will help you attract the support you need to for your 501c3?

Community Voice Award

Our Community Voice Award celebrates leaders who speak out for an inclusive, bold and thriving community. Annual award winners are announced in the 4th Quarter. If you would like to nominate someone, contact us and tell us about your nominee.
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