2021 Voice for a Cause Scholarship Recipients

By Porter Metzler

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Voice for a Cause is part of Interact Studio’s mission to empower non-profit leaders to attract the support they need to thrive. These organizations are the essential services and safety net for our community. We hope you’ll follow them and learn more about how you can help.

Interact Studio, in partnership with SHARE Charlotte, proudly announces the 2021 Fall Roster of nonprofits represented in our 2-day Speak Up learning experience in Leadership Communication:

  1. Supportive Housing Communities (WEB | IG)
  2. Project BOLT (WEB | IG)
  3. Exposure Project (WEB | IG)
  4. Greater Steps Scholars (WEB | IG)
  5. Teaching Fellows Institute (WEB | IG)
  6. Levine Museum of the New South (WEB | IG)
  7. Nevins, Inc. (WEB | IG)
  8. Charlotte Rescue Mission (WEB | IG)
  9. Charlotte Bilingual Preschool (WEB | IG)
  10. Freedom Fighting Missionaries (WEB | IG)
  11. First Gen Success (WEB | IG)
  12. Champion House Of Care Project One, Inc. (WEB | IG)
  13. R.I.C.’s Market Foundation (WEB | IG)
  14. Crisis Assistance Ministry (WEB | IG)
  15. Beauty for Ashes Ministry, Inc. (WEB | IG)
  16. Family Mankind (WEB | IG)
  17. Another Chance House of Refuge, Inc. (WEB | IG)
  18. Digi-Bridge (WEB | IG)
  19. Let’s Talk About It: The Autism Center (WEB)
  20. UMBA Bright Stars (WEB | IG)
  21. Charlotte Family Housing (WEB | IG)
  22. Hope Haven, Inc. (WEB | IG)
  23. Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont (WEB | IG)
  24. North Carolina Outward Bound School’s Charlotte Unity Project (WEB | IG)

More on Voice for a Cause

Over the years we have been enriched by the hundreds of scholarships we’ve awarded to people who are helping solve some of the world’s problems. Voice for a Cause is built on three initiatives:


Speak Up is an on-camera course for non-profit leaders. Classes are held twice a year. Scholarships are distributed through our partner SHARE Charlotte. If you would like to apply for our next session, contact us and we’ll get you started.


Do you have a spotlight moment coming up? Our Voice Grant is an in-studio coaching session and script review. We will help you attract the support you need to for your 501(c)(3).


Our Community Voice Award celebrates leaders who speak out for an inclusive, bold and thriving community. Annual award winners are announced in the 4th Quarter. If you would like to nominate someone, contact us and tell us about your nominee. Meet this year’s recipient: Tony Mecia of The Charlotte Ledger.

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